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LiFLEX Machining Centers

Maximum Performance the Whole Life Cycle

LiFLEX machining centers can be used for all known alloys and are designed to fit best cost-benefit ratio.

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LiFLEX Machining Centers

Discover our various machine solutions for the mechanical machining of all common metallic alloys. The modular LiFLEX system for single-, twin- and four-spindle machines offers the necessary flexibility for your specific machining task.

Modular LiFLEX Machine Tool Kit

Perfect fits for the overall solution

LiCON Herr Benz

Winfried Benz

Managing Director

"Our typical customer is looking for a manufacturing system that offers him maximum economic benefits. Typically, these are complex and high-precision components that need to be machined mechanically. Often, in the first approach, the customer tends to want to apply the previously successful standard concept. In our opinion, the choice of the best solution  results from the perfect fit compositions of the entire solution."

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LiFLEX Rotary Transfer Machines

LiFLEX rotary transfer machines combine the productivity advantages of the rotary transfer concept with the flexible machining stations in 3-, 4- or 5-axis machining.

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Machining Units

Based on our manifold LiFLEX modular machine tool kit and decades of experience in mechanical engineering, we offer both our modules integrated in the machines and specially configurable machining units in a wide range of modular designs.

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