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LiFLEX IV Vierspindler Bearbeitungszentren im LiCON Innovation Center
LiFLEX IV Four-Spindle Machines

Highest Productivity on Reduced Space

Discover our LiFLEX IV four-spindle machines as a 4-in-1 solution for maximum output with minimum floor space requirements.

At a Glance

Advantages of LiFLEX IV Four-Spindle Machines

4- an 5-axis configuration
Remarkable stiffness & dynamic
Individual configuration
Process lubrication: dry, coolant, MQL 201
LiFLEX IV four-spindle machine

Productivity at the next level

With LiFLEX four-spindle machines, four workpieces can be processed in parallel in one machine. LiFLEX four-spindle machines produce four times as many finished parts in the same time as a single-spindle machine.

LiFLEX IV four-spindle machine

Reduced footprint

Thanks to four spindles in one machine, LiFLEX four-spindle machines score with a significantly smaller footprint compared to four single-spindle machines.

LiFLEX IV four-spindle machine

Consistently high machining quality and reduced cycle time

LiFLEX four-spindle machines have been optimized in their dynamic behavior and influences caused by the usual thermal cycle have been minimized. The identical prerequisites in terms of rigidity ensure a reduction in cycle time as well as consistently high machining quality in continuous operation.

LiFLEX IV four-spindle machine

Wide range of configuration options

The modular LiFLEX design principle allows you to configure LiFLEX four-spindle machines according to your needs. You can choose from various loading options as well as different variants of motor spindles, tool magazines, tool changing systems and systems for process cooling.


Productivity at next level

Four spindles in one machine set new standards in terms of productivity.

Product Overview

LiFLEX IV Four-Spindle Machines

Four LiFLEX motor spindles work in unison. To ensure that all four motor spindles exhibit the same behavior in the machining process, the entire machine has had its dynamic behavior optimized. Thermal influences on position accuracies have been minimized. The identical conditions regarding stiffness ensure a reduction in cycle time as well as a consistently high machining quality in continuous operation.

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