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Two LiCON employees operate a technological LiCON software
Precision and Productivity

Technologies for Excellent Results

We use innovative technologies to ensure the highest machining quality and short cycle times.

No off-the-shelf solution

Customized automation

We develop individual automation concepts as required and implement them for our customers as an integrated system supplier.

Automation solution implemented by LiCON in a production hall
Independent Axes

i- and i³- Technology for Precision & Efficiency

Equipped with i-technology, all LiFLEX twin-spindle machines come with independent Z-axes. With the additional option i³, all three axes (X, Y and Z) of the LiFLEX twin-spindle machines are independent.

LiFLEX twin-spindle machine at work with LiCON i- and i³-technology
Elaborated Design

In-house manufactured clamping fixtures

Our clamping fixtures enable 4- and 5-axis machining in just one clamping.

Presentation of the LiCON clamping fixture
LiCON employee looking at a simulation
A significant Digital Value

Optimized Cycle Times Thanks to Simulation and NC Program

We use digital technologies to optimize processes and achieve the best cycle times possible.