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Präsentation der LiCON Spannvorrichtung
LiCON Clamping Fixtures

Expertise by LiCON

When it comes to our clamping fixtures, we leave nothing to chance. Over the years, we have developed and manufactured the most diverse clamping fixtures for our customers.

Highest Machining Quality and Short Cycle Times

Clamping Fixtures as a Relevant Performance Factor

Nahaufnahme der LiCON Spannvorrichrtung

Clamping fixtures have a significant influence on the machining quality and the achievable cycle times. Window fixtures are mainly used for 5-axis machining. For 4-axis machining, multi-part fixtures are often used. After a tool change, several workpieces can be machined one after the other. This reduces the ratio of non-productive time and increases the overall output. Where necessary, the fixtures can be extended with additional functions, e.g., for aligning the workpiece in the fixture.

At a Glance

Advantages of LiCON Clamping Fixtures

In-house manufactured
Optimized for machining strategy
For 4- & 5-axis complete machining
Maximum process reliability
Additional options available

LiCON Clamping Fixtures

Get an impression of some of our already realized clamping fixtures. When designing our clamping fixtures, we focus on the optimal adjustment to the workpiece and the machining strategy.

LiCON Spannvorrichtung Motorradrahmen
Clamping Fixture

Motor Cycle Frame

Complete machining in one setup, clamping fixture with 20 clamps and 23 movable support elements

LiCON Spannvorrichtung Hilfsrahmen
Clamping Fixture

Engine Cradle for an E-Car

Complete machining in one clamping, vertical positioning of the workpiece, interference circle in A and B axis 1600 mm

LiCON Spannvorrichtung Strukturbauteil
Clamping Fixture

Structural Component for an E-Car

Complete machining in one setup, component with 1155 mm width and 1070 mm length, 16 clamping datums

LiCON Spannvorrichtung Abgaskruemmer
Clamping Fixture

Exhaust Manifolds

4-axis complete machining in two setups, automated loading, unloading and reclamping thanks to robot gripper

LiCON Spannvorrichtung Gehäuse Niederflurbusse
Clamping Fixture

Housing for Low-Floor Buses

Machining of workpiece on a 5-axis bridge in one setup completely to flipover.

LiCON Spannvorrichtung Längsträger Aluminiumdruckguss
Clamping Fixture

Side Rail Made of Die Cast Aluminum

Complete machining in one setup, oversized workpieces

LiCON Spannvorrichtung Gehäuse Verbrennungsmotor
Clamping Fixture

Crankcase for Two-Cylinder Combustion Engine

5-axis complete machinig, machining on five sides

LiCON Spannvorrichtung Gelenkwellen
Clamping Fixture

Tie Rods

8-part fixture, adjustable rotary alignment for workpieces

LiCON Spannvorrichtung Türscharniere
Clamping Fixtures


Four-spindle machining, clamping bridge with two times four clamping nests

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