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Success Stories

Solutions tailored to the requirements of our customers

Customer satisfaction is for us the key measure of success. That is why we develop solutions tailored to the requirements of our customers. Read about our successfully implemented customer projects.

Success Stories

Successfully Implemented Customer Projects

Tuopu empowers E-mobility Industry with LiCON Machining Centers and Technologies

29 LiCON machining centers purchased from Tuopu

Learn more 16.02.2024
LiCON machining center Four-spindle production hall from Celikform Mechanical processing Energy saving Maximum production on a minimum footprint

Celikform Gestamp launches hinge production four spindle machining center from LiCON

Robust LiCON machines with powerful spindles

Learn more 12.12.2023
LiCON clamping device for heavy-duty machining with a twin-spindle LiFLEX II 766 with direct loading at Haldex for machining brake calipers Significant increase in capacity Reduced complexity with automated direct loading by robot Five-axis machine

Haldex: Improved heavy-duty machining of brake calipers with LiCON twin-spindle machine

for brake calipers for trucks and trailers

Learn more 25.10.2023
LiCON Bearbeitungszentrum Doppelspindler LiFLEX II 766 für Hengst zur Bearbeitung von LKW-Filtergehäusen Roboter Flexibilität Automation Industrie 4.0 Minimalmengenschmierung Komplettbearbeitung der Bauteile in einer Aufspannung

Hengst and LiCON: Twin-spindles for more competitiveness

Twin-spindles for more competitiveness

Learn more 26.04.2022
LiCON II 766

High speed and precision for electric mobility

We are proud to be part of the ...

Learn more 20.04.2022
Mitarbeiter von Talum und LiCON schütteln sich freundschaftlich die Hand.

Talum and LiCON: Together directly to the desired goal

Talum, manufacturer of aluminum and ...

Learn more 09.09.2021
LiCON Maschine wird in Flugzeug transportiert.

Technologically demanding project for electric vehicle manufacturer successfully completed in record time

For our customers the machine ...

Learn more 21.07.2021
LiCON LAVA Analysis of machining centres process optimisation automation LiCON Added Value Analysis

Smart data supports the LiCON customers

LiCON expands with Lava ...

Learn more 21.07.2021
Ausgewählte LiFLEX Bearbeitungszentren im LiCON Innovation Center
Product overview

LiFLEX series

Discover our LiFLEX machining centres for 5-axis mechanical machining.