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LiFLEX Machining Centers

Maximum Performance the Whole Life Cycle

LiFLEX machining centers can be used for all known alloys and are designed to fit best cost-benefit ratio. The modular LiFLEX design for single-, twin- and four-spindle machines offers the flexibility you need for your specific machining task.

LiCON Technologies
Maximum Precision and Productivity Best Results Thanks to State-of-The-Art Technologies

Highest workpiece quality and short cycle times thanks to the use of innovative technologies.

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Open Positions We Are on Fire for Technologies. What abou You?

We are an innovative top employer in the medium-sized business sector. Our fascination for technology is what unites us all. Join our team now.


Our Competencies in 150 Seconds

From LiFLEX machining centers and our proven i³-technology to LiCON automation solutions and 5-axis simulations in real-time – get an overview of our broad range of competencies.

LiCON Automation

Integrated Automation Solutions Tailored to Customer Needs

We do not rely on a specific automation solution, but develop individual system solutions that are configured according to the individual needs of our customers.

LiCON Automation
Independent Axes

i- and i³-Technology for Precision & Efficiency

Equipped with i-Technology, all LiFLEX twin-spindle machines come with independent Z-axes. With the additional option i³, all three axes (X, Y and Z) of the LiFLEX twin-spindle machines are independent.

LiFLEX Loading Options

Each Process has a Best Fit Loading Option.

With our three LiFLEX loading options, we configure efficient machines depending on the process.

Success Stories with LiCON

Satisfied Customers Are the Best Reference.

LiCON Success Stories

"For us, the speed in the realization of the project and the enormously high production efficiency of the machines were decisive for placing the order."

- Chris Guthrie, President Trace Die Cast

LiCON clamping fixture
Perfectly Aligned

LiCON Clamping Fixtures