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LiCON Mitarbeiter betrachtet eine Simulation
Simulation and NC Program

A Digital Value

Thanks to simulation and NC program, we ensure the highest machining quality and optimize the cycle time of your process.

Simulation & NC program

Visualisation of Machining Positions and Sequences

With the help of simulation programs, the machining points in the fixture, which are often difficult to control spatially, can be represented together with the corresponding cutting tool. Due to simulation, machining points that are difficult to access can be checked precisely in the NC program and thus, highest machining quality can be insured. In addition, we use the simulation of machining processes to optimize cycle times and ensure the shortest possible travel distances of the motor spindles between tool change and workpiece.


Simulation of Complex Machining

In the NC program, we can reproduce and optimize movements with the machining tool through spatially complex clamping fixtures in real time.

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