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LiFLEX I Einspindler Bearbeitungszentren im LiCON Innovation Center
LiFLEX I Single Spindle Machines

Single-Spindle – Particularly for Large Cubic Workpiece Sizes

Experience our LiFLEX I single-spindle machines for machining large workpieces in a single setup.

At a Glance

Advantages of LiFLEX I Single-Spindle Machines

4- and 5-axis configuration
Remarkable stiffness & dynamic
Individual configuration
Process lubrication: dry, coolant, MQL
Product Overview

LiFLEX I Single-Spindle Machines

To avoid reclamping errors, large scale cubic workpieces mainly made of aluminum, are also completely processed in one clamping. For this reason, the workpiece must be able to be positioned appropriately in the working area. The LiFLEX I single-spindle machines offer correspondingly large diameters for the rotation of the clamping fixtures in the A and B axes.

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