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LiFLEX GigaLine Large and Dedicated

Machining of Large and Complex Workpieces

Discover our LiFLEX GigaLine for single- and double-spindle machining of large and complex workpieces.

Complete Machining


The trend in design of automobile chassis using lightweight structures is still ongoing. To reduce assembly work further, more and more large workpieces – mainly made of die casts – are being utilized. The machining of these complex structural workpieces takes place on large, usually 5-axis machining centers.

The existing LiFLEX modular system enables a tailormade configuration for such large giga machining centers both single-spindle and twin-spindle. In order to be able to machine large-cubic workpieces completely in one clamping, the workpiece must be able to be positioned appropriately in the working area. The LiFLEX GigaLine offers machines with a correspondingly large rotation diameter up to 2300 mm for fixtures in the two rotation axes A and B.

Highlights of our Giga

• Up to seven axes

• Workpiece sizes up to 3,000 mm

• Single and double spindle on a single workpiece

• Body-in-white-complete processing


LiFLEX I 4-axis

One large-dimensional machining task in one machine

• One spindle

• 4/5-axis machining

• Up to 3,000 mm X-stroke


LiFLEX I+I 5-axis

Two different machining tasks in one machine

• Two spindles

• 4/5-axis machining

• Spindle distance 600 – 2,500 mm

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LiFLEX Series

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In addition to the LiFLEX GigaLine with large and dedicated machines, the LiFLEX family also includes single-spindle, twin-spindle and four-spindle machines with comparatively smaller strokes. Learn more about our LiFLEX series.