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LiCON Motorspindler
LiFLEX Motor Spindles

In-House Manufactured Spindles

LiFLEX high performance motor spindles make the machining of light metals as well as difficult-to-machine materials a breeze.

LiFLEX Motor Spindles

The Key Component for an Efficient Machining Process

For LiFLEX machining centers a wide range of different LiFLEX motor spindles with up to 500 Nm torque and a 6-bearing configuration are available. All motor spindle types are equipped with sensors for vibrations and temperature. The recorded acceleration values are used for permanent monitoring of the machining process as well as to protect the machine against overload. In addition, the acceleration values can be used in combination with the LiCON specific LAVA software modules to optimize the machining process.

LiCON Motorspindler in der Nahaufnahme
At a Glance

Advantages of LiFLEX Motor Spindles

Torque up to 500 Nm
6-bearing configuration
Capable of heavy-duty machining
Sensors for vibration and temperature
Optimization with LAVA software modules
Test Cells at LiCON.

To a Long Spindle Life!

LiFLEX motor spindles only use components that meet the highest quality standards. In addition, each motor spindle is tested in an automated 100 percent test on test cells specially developed by LiCON for this purpose.

LiCON Motorspindler im Prüfstand
LiFLEX 2 axes milling head

For especially challenging applications

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