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LiFLEX II Doppelspindler Bearbeitungszentren im LiCON Innovation Center
LiFLEX II Twin-Spindle Machines

High Precision Machining with Two Spindles

Experience our LiFLEX II twin-spindle machines with spindle distances from 400 mm to 1500 mm for double output and highest precision.

At one Glance

Advantages of LiFLEX II Twin-Spindle Machines

4- and 5-axis configuration
Remarkable stiffness & dynamic
Individual configuration
Process lubrication: dry, coolant, MQL
i- & i³-Technology by LiCON

For Maximum Efficiency Even When Machining Large Workpieces

With LiFLEX II twin-spindle machines, even large structural workpieces can be machined with two spindles.

Product overview

LiFLEX II Twin-Spindle Machines

LiFLEX II twin spindle machines come with spindle distances from 400 mm to 1500 mm. Equipped with LiCON i³-technology, both motor spindles on LiFLEX twin-spindle machines can be corrected independently without reducing spindle stiffnesses.

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LiFLEX Series

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In addition to LiFLEX II twin-spindle machines, the LiFLEX family also offers high-performance single-spindle and four-spindle machines. The LiFLEX GigaLine includes single- and twin-spindle machines for machining large and complex workpieces. Learn more about our LiFLEX series.