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Maximum Performance

LiFLEX Machining Centers

Whether large or small series, we configure high-performance solutions for 5-axis complete machining.

Independent Axes

i- and i³-Technology for Precision & Efficiency

Equipped with i-Technology, all LiFLEX twin-spindle machines come with independent Z-axes. With the additional option i³, all three axes (X, Y and Z) of the LiFLEX twin-spindle machines are independent.

LiFLEX Loading Options

Each Process has a Best Fit Loading Option.

With our three LiFLEX loading options, we configure efficient machines depending on the process.

LiCON LAVA – LiCON Added Value Analysis
LiFLEX Motor Spindles

In-House Manufactured High Performance Spindles

LiFLEX motor spindles guarantee extremely high stiffness and optimum material removal. They are designed for machining light metals as well as materials that are difficult to machine.

LiCON Motorspindel
LAVA – LiCON Added Value Analysis

Optimization of Processes with Software

Thanks to process optimization with LAVA software modules, we realize shorter cycle times and save important seconds.

LiCON LAVA – LiCON Added Value Analysis
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Take a look at our machining examples to get an impression of our manifold competences.