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LiCON LAVA – LiCON Added Value Analysis
LAVA – LiCON Added Value Analysis

Digital Feeling for Machine and Process

With the LAVA software modules you have a better understanding of the machine and the process – even when experienced employees are no longer available.

Use Case

Reduction of Chatter Vibrations Thanks to LAVA

To reduce chatter vibrations, tool tooth frequencies are often checked and changed in the hope that chattering will decrease. This optimization strategy does not take into account the influence of the workpiece and fixture on the oscillating overall system. However, machine tools, fixtures and cutting tools form a complex overall system in terms of machine dynamics. A special application of LAVA is the consideration of the influences of the workpiece, the fixture, the cutting tool and the machining center. On the basis of this data, optimized cutting data is determined and thus achieved reduction of chatter vibrations leads to extended tool life and correspondingly reduced tool costs.

Demonstration of the Result of LAVA – LiCON Added Value Analysis
At a Glance

Application Areas of LAVA

Condition monitoring
Process optimization
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