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Talum and LiCON: Together directly to the desired goal

Mitarbeiter von Talum und LiCON schütteln sich freundschaftlich die Hand.

Talum, manufacturer of aluminum and aluminum products, relies on LiCON twin-spindle machining centers to produce oil pumps for a large European automotive OEM. The company, based in Kidričevo, Slovenia, sets standards in the competitive environment with its integrated manufacturing process. The added value begins with the electrolysis to produce raw aluminum and goes through various casting technologies to mechanical processing. Damjan Klasinc, Head of Development at BU Talum Castings, explains the decision in favor of the chosen solution: “LiCON has convinced us in all respects. As a customer, we benefit in particular from LiCON’s experience with similar components and the range of solutions in the form of a modular system. For example, we had three loading and automation options to choose from with double trunnion, pallet changer and direct loading."

The right partner for large-scale production

“We didn't need a supplier who just wanted to sell us machines, but a partner who would support us with solutions to take the step towards greater efficiency and cost savings,” says Klasinc.
For the large series, it was important to work even more efficiently. The decision in favor of twin-spindle machining centers, two-piece clamping, direct loading with robots and minimum quantity lubrication (MQL) comprised four steps, which Talum successfully mastered. LiCON was the right partner for this, the medium-sized German company based in Laupheim scores with its experience-based expertise for the turnkey process, broad MQL experience and flexibility.

The combination of two-part clamping, i.e. two workpieces per spindle, with a twin-spindle machining center enables four workpieces to be manufactured in one cycle. Direct loading leads to short downtimes while the workpiece is being changed, but with a robot loading in just 15 seconds this is negligible. This record-breaking loading time is achieved with a sophisticated robot gripper that simultaneously carries four raw parts and four finished parts. Instead of investing in a double trunnion loading, two additional B-planets and two clamping devices, Talum invested in an automation solution and thus created a highly efficient production system.

Decision criterion: performance versus look

With a smile, Klasinc describes the LiCON machining centers as robust and reliable machines that were designed by engineers for precise machining and high performance, and not by star designers for their external appearance.

Service directly from the manufacturer

LiCON machines are reliable in use. But the LiCON concept also works perfectly for Klasinc when it comes to servicing. The telephone report of the service case is followed by a competent remote diagnosis directly from the manufacturing plant in Laupheim. In this way, the problem is usually identified in just a few minutes and often remedied directly via remote maintenance. Should a service technician be needed on site at Talum, he or she will come fully informed and with the necessary spare parts directly from LiCON within 24 hours. Nils Baumgartner, Senior Key Account Manager at LiCON, explains this concept: “A local service partner would certainly be a few hours faster by car. However, the problem is not solved in the car but on the machine. The LiCON Service technician has a wealth of experience and knows every move on the machine. That’s why he has the machine up and running much faster"

Avgust Sibila, Business Unit Manager at Talum, sums it up: “With LiCON we have chosen the right partner. The cooperation is very good. From the project stage through the ramp-up to ongoing series production, we always have competent support. Our employees appreciate the reliability of the machine and the user-friendliness of the programs."

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Four oil pump housings are loaded simultaneously in just 15 seconds