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LiCON is once again an outstanding employer

Transparent communication, an open, constructive approach to making mistakes and a good work-life balance convince employees.

LiCON receives the Top Job Award for outstanding employer qualities.

From left to right: Martin Trautmann, Head of Purchasing, Licon mt GmbH & Co. KG; Sigmar Gabriel, TOP JOB patron; Dr. Mario Stoll, Head of Production, Licon mt GmbH & Co. KG

LiCON MT GmbH & Co. KG is once again one of the best employers in Germany. Our company was awarded by the Center for Employer Attractiveness (zeag GmbH) based on a scientifically based employee and management survey. Every year, zeag GmbH selects the most attractive employers among German medium-sized companies. The "Top Job" seal 2023 is awarded by former Vice-Chancellor Sigmar Gabriel as patron. "Being an employer of first choice is an important strategic decision if companies want to be successful in the long term," emphasizes Gabriel as patron of the project.

 For LiCON, becoming better and better as an employer is an important building block for the overall success of the company – this is already the third time that our company has been awarded the prestigious Top Job prize for the best employers in the German SME sector. The independent seal is awarded by the Institute for Leadership and Human Resource Management at University of St. Gallen based on an anonymous employee survey. LiCON may now carry the "Top Job" seal for the next two years.

"We are very pleased that our employees have once again contributed by participating in the survey this year and that they consider us to be one of the best employers in Germany," comments Tanja Frank, Team Leader HR at LiCON. "We are especially pleased to receive this award because, as a company with an above-average rate of innovation and customers who place very high demands on our products and our organization, we have very challenging tasks to fulfill. The award shows us that our employees are working with us to meet these challenges. They appreciate our way to master the challenges, they appreciate the possibility to act on their own responsibility and to contribute – they like to work with us, that is our DNA. Our thanks go to the entire LiCON team, the award is a reward for all of us! We want to offer dedicated people maximum freedom to develop, we are committed to this and will therefore continue to permanently optimize our Lean Leadership Principle."

Best feedback in "Leadership & Vision

In line with this, LiCON received the best feedback in the six categories queried in the area of "Leadership & Vision". The employees thus signal that they are very satisfactorily taken along on the journey into the LiCON future. Whether it is currently about the development of a new product generation or the expansion of the organization for the markets Europe, USA and China, the management communicates its visions and plans both comprehensively and transparently.

Flat hierarchies and management that is tangible for all employees also contribute to the motivating corporate culture. "We follow the thought and action patterns of the so-called "Kata" and implement the ideas of lean management at all levels," Tanja Frank reports. "Our goal is the maximum participation of each individual in terms of their strengths and their preferences." This is supported by an open, constructive approach to making mistakes. At LiCON, employees enjoy a high level of personal responsibility and can learn from mistakes.

At LiCON, employees enjoy a high level of personal responsibility and can learn from mistakes. The work-life balance is also convincing: flexible working hours, partly mobile working, part-time models and sabbaticals make it possible to combine work and private life.

Employee feedback makes sense in times of crisis

Conducting employee surveys even in difficult times is a concern for the "Top Job" team. "Our studies show that even - and especially - in times of crisis, good employers should know how the working atmosphere is in their company," reports Prof. Dr. Heike Bruch, head of the Institute for Leadership and Human Resource Management at the University of St. Gallen. "After all, qualified feedback from employees is the basis for a strong, crisis-resistant corporate culture."

The "Top Job" employer program

With "Top Job," medium-sized companies work on their qualities as employers. The seal makes their attractiveness visible to applicants. The basis for the award is an extensive employee and management survey. It is organized by zeag GmbH, Center for Employer Attractiveness, based in Constance on Lake Constance. The scientific management of the benchmarking is in the hands of Prof. Dr. Heike Bruch and her team from the Institute for Leadership and Human Resource Management at the University of St. Gallen. The patron of the project is Sigmar Gabriel.

The organizer: zeag GmbH I Center for Employer Attractiveness

Under the umbrella of the Center for Employer Attractiveness, zeag GmbH thematically combines the two benchmark projects "Top Job" and "Ethics in Business". zeag thus accompanies medium-sized companies that already excel in the fields of human resources management and corporate social responsibility or would like to do so in the medium term.

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