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Not too late, but right on time!

LiCON Maschine wird in Flugzeug transportiert.

Our solutions are used worldwide and the i³-technology enjoys great popularity due to the maximum accuracies and maximum efficiency thanks to two spindles, especially in the powertrain of leading electric vehicle manufacturers. The ambitious development times of our customers hardly allow for sea freight, so our team was allowed to accompany this exciting process of loading a 27-ton LiCON 766i³. An uplifting feeling!

 What was achieved: order in January, first chips in March, pre-series production by the beginning of May, delivery and start of production at the customer in the USA in mid-May.

 But not only that: Thanks to i³-technology, we achieve the following double-spindle in one setup on flipover:

  • Positioning accuracy better than one hundredth of a millimeter
  • Turnover accuracy better than two hundredths of a millimeter, and this from the very first workpiece!

At optimum cycle time.