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GigaLine LiFLEX I+I Twin-spindle

Simultaneous machining with 2 independent spindles

Discover the GigaLine LiFLEX I+I machining center with optional swivel spindles for 7-axis machining.

At a glance


Up to 7-axis configuration
2 independent spindles on one component
Large cubic machining
Process lubrication: dry, coolant, MQL

Highlights of the LiFLEX I+I

Powerful twin-spindle machine: The I+I option opens up the opportunity to carry out different types of machining simultaneously with two spindles on one component, whereby the spindles can execute different machining sequences.

Large-cubic machining with up to 7 axes:
Perfect your machining tasks with the precise horizontal alignment, which is suitable for 4- or 5-axis applications as well as optionally with a swivel spindle for 7-axis applications.

GigaLine technology:
This machine relies on advanced GigaLine technology to meet the highest standards in terms of efficiency and quality.

Discover the top performance in machining technology.

Product Overview

LiFLEX GigaLine

LiFLEX series

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In addition to the LiFLEX GigaLine with large and special machines, the LiFLEX family also includes single-spindle, double-spindle and four-spindle machines with comparatively shorter travel distances. Find out more about our LiFLEX series.

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