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Team LiCON at the Einstein-Marathon in Ulm

Das Laufteam von LiCON beim Einstein-Marathon in Ulm

We are proud that for the first time we as a company have participated in the Einstein-Marathon in Ulm with our own running team. The Einstein-Marathon, which took place for the 18th time, is one of the largest running events in southern Germany.

For the six runners of team LiCON, it was time to put on their running shoes and hit the track on September 25. The course led along the river Danube, past the historic city walls of Ulm. Four colleagues participated in the half marathon with a distance of 21 km. Another two colleagues took part in the 10 km run.

Cheered on by the spectators at the side of the track, the entire LiCON team successfully crossed the finish line. We congratulate to the fantastic results and the great team performance. We are sure, from now on the Einstein-Marathon will be one of the fixed events in the LiCON calendar.