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Optimum Smooth Operation for Electric Vehicles

Contract Cleaning for Machined High-Precision Cast Parts

High speed and precision - these two factors are essential in the production of parts for electromobility. The cleaning and deburring of machined cast parts often turns out to be an inconvenient bottleneck. Even with a high-precision machining center with positioning accuracies in the micrometer range, such as the LiFLEX II 766 i³ from the German machine tool manufacturer LiCON, the machined components must be cleaned industrially in order to meet the high-quality standards of the vehicle manufacturers.

Particularly in the production of motor housings, the heart of all electric vehicles, the highest precision is required. The precision is reflected 1:1 in the smooth running of the electric drives and thus in the everyday operation of the vehicles. "For LiCON, as a technology leader in the field of highly flexible 5-axis machining centers, the aspects of high speed and precision are inextricably linked," says LiCON project manager Jochen Hummel, explaining the company's own requirements. For Hummel, the focus is on user benefits: "We not only supply our customers with innovative system technology, but also support them with know-how and process support. For us, this of course also includes the cleanliness of the workpieces."

When LiCON received an inquiry from an American manufacturer of cast parts for electric automobiles, it had to be provided quickly and particularly reliably with an all-round carefree package. In addition to delivering several LiFLEX II 766 i³ twin-spindle machining centers, the task was to ensure a solution for industrial cleaning of cast parts for electric drive housings to the highest quality requirements and cleanliness levels in the shortest possible time. "We have been working with Silberhorn Group in the field of industrial cleaning systems for a long time," says Hummel. "What was new for us was that we found a partner for contract cleaning in Silberhorn." What was a step into new territory for LiCON is daily business for Sebastian Weizer, sales manager at Silberhorn: "In total, we were able to clean over 23,500 castings in less than four months. Especially in large series with high quantities and complex part geometries, we can fully apply our Silberhorn know-how from over 30 years of industrial parts cleaning."

Contract cleaning is particularly suitable for implementing production peaks and new customer projects with the highest level of quality and efficiency. As in the case of LiCON, where the period of waiting for Silberhorn's own industrial cleaning system could be passed with contract cleaning. And as a side effect, important knowledge for subsequent parts cleaning was already gained during the contract cleaning phase – in other words, a double benefit for LiCON and, above all, its American customer.

About Silberhorn:

Maschinenbau Silberhorn GmbH is part of the internationally operating Silberhorn Group. The medium-sized company employs around 200 people. The company specializes in the development and construction of systems for industrial parts cleaning and high-pressure water jet deburring. Innovative engineering, customer orientation and worldwide accessibility are the hallmarks of Maschinenbau Silberhorn. With decades of experience and strong roots in special plant engineering, Silberhorn offers a high-performance complete portfolio for all aqueous-based cleaning requirements. Sustainable thinking and action have characterized the family-run company for over 30 years. Read more at