Special machinery
Duplex lateral milling center

LiCON - Duplex lateral milling center

In the reference project shown here, welded car-aluminum bodies (white body for a premium roadster) are machined on the bottom side in the last processing step of a production line. From both sides of the workpiece, milling and drilling operations are carried out with 2 independent motor spindles mounted on 2 via sleeves on operator stands.


The duplex lateral milling center can be configured according to individual requirements. Licon offers depending on the material to be cut, such as CFK or aluminum, corresponding solutions. For 5-axis machining, an NC swivel head can be used.

Technical data

Tool change

up to X 4.000 mm / Y 1.150 mm / Z 650 mm


Motor spindle HSK 63

Spindle distance

between 1.830 mm and 4.000 mm

Work travel

Pick up via disc magazine (20 pockets)

Single compensation of all travel axes