Good deeds locally

Hospiz Ulm e.V.

Already for several years, money raised in the Licon Christmas party charity campaign supports the outpatient child and youth hospice service of the Ulm e.V. hospice. The money goes into the work of the volunteers and volunteers working there. A work designed primarily to help children faced with the approaching death of a loved one and mourning children who have lost an important person in their lives to deal with this tragic situation.

Elementary school Untersulmetingen

After three years of planning and construction, in autumn 2013 the extension of the elementary school Untersulmetingen – 1,000 meters as the crow flies from the Licon headquarters – was inaugurated. Since then more than 100 elementary pupils have more space for fun, excitement and, of course, lessons. Licon had participated in the extension with a donation that was used for equipment.

Kindergarten Obersulmetingen

In spring 2013, Licon supported the kindergarten St. Nikolaus in Obersulmetingen with a donation. This is used to plan, construct and build a water playground. The project, which was initiated by the parents’ council and implemented with the help of various companies from the region, includes various stations. One thing is for sure: The children’s hearts beat higher, when you can hear in summer: water on!