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Who we are.

Licon is Top 100 innovator of German medium-sized enterprises

Top Innovator 2014 award ceremony: Martin Trautmann, Daniel Gröber, Ranga Yogeshwar

The “Top 100” mentor Ranga Yogeshwar awards the Top 100 seal of approval to companies at the annual German SME Summit, which celebrates their special achievements in marketing innovation that result in great market success.

The objective of this cross-industry “Top 100” initiative is to independently support the companies’ strength in innovation in a scientific manner. In a demanding selection process, the Institute for Entrepreneurship and Innovation at the Vienna University for Business and Economics review the performance of the participating companies in five key areas: “innovation success”, “innovation climate”, “innovative processes and organisation”, “promotion of innovation by high-level management” and “innovation marketing / external orientation”.


Licon impressed the judges with an innovative approach to both product development and in the field of organisation and work processes. Special mention was made of its lean management evident in everyday communications and internal quality gates across all areas of operation, which has made process flows up to 50 % more effective. Short corporate communication pathways to management and direct connection to Licon customers in the primary phase of developing innovative solutions have allowed Licon to secure a corresponding market position.

What we stand for.

“Continuous learning distinguishes us”

For those who really live Lean Management, CIP and everyday learning are everyday life. And technologically it will always be about getting the last 5–10 percent.”

Winfried Benz
Managing Director

“If, in mechanical manufacturing, e.g. a tool has a certain processing time within its limits, we must find out how we can achieve shorter machining times with the same or better quality by changing the cutting edge geometry. We can then use this experience for new work pieces and, in addition, pass on this knowledge to our ‘Technology’ department, which is responsible for processing the customer work pieces on our Licon machines.”

Martin Trautmann
Controlling and SAP

“In the depths of so many of our customers’ machining processes, we have acquired knowledge and developed standards that have been used in our technology in many ways as well as in our processes. Together with our employees, we have a broad spectrum of specialists who, when the customer’s process know-how is still low, are a strong partner to our customers when production starts at the customer’s plant.”

Daniel Gröber
Head of Production
Assembly and Service

“In the context of learning and corporate culture, the topic of error culture – how to deal with mistakes – is also to be seen. We have a clear stance on this: mistakes can be made; but we also have to talk about the mistakes made. Only in this way can we learn from them, avoid them in the future and thereby become better. Not all employees must make the same mistake, but also benefit from the experience of their colleagues.”

Tanja Frank
Human Resources

Where we are heading for.

Where we are is ahead

Others also know how to build machining centers.

The difference: we brought it to perfection.

Since the turn of the millennium, we have been working to make us fit for the future in terms of innovation and technology. As a result, we launched a completely new generation of products in the years 2012 to 2016, which we are constantly refining.


We deal intensively with the fundamental development issues around the machining center. Lifelong learning is our credo in everyday work – and the basis of our success. We share this success with our customers.


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