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Luftaufnahme des Unternehmensgelände von LiCON
Innovation in series

Swabian Tradition Meets Global Innovative Spirit

LiCON is a global system supplier of single machines to fully automated production lines. Learn more about LiCON.

Medium-Sized Innovator

Company Profile

We are a medium-sized company with an innovative spirit. Learn more about our strategic direction.

Frontaufnahme des Unternehmensgebäude von LiCON
The Latest News at a Glance

Latest News from LiCON

Stay up to date and inform yourself about current topics at LiCON.

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Our Satisfied Customers

Success Stories

LiCON Meeting mit einem Kunden

Read about successfully implemented customer projects.

Internationally Active

Locations of LiCON

We have offices on three continents. Discover our locations.

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