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Mechanical intelligence and human knowledge in sound and image.

Discover a selection of company and product films. The corporate film provides a complete overview of Licon mt. The product films show which machine concepts are suitable for which machining tasks. Talk to us, we are happy to advise you.

LiFLEX II 1077 2U - Double Spindle - Aluminium Structural Component | Jan 29, 2015

Complete Machining in 5 Axes with MQL

LiFLEX II 1077 2U provides efficient double spindle machining of highly precise workpieces.
See our machining center in action – with robot loading and complete machining of an aluminium subframe in only one single setup

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Twin spindle: Turbocharger machining | Nov 22, 2013

The LiFLEX II 444 2U PC offers the best performance at a highly attractive price. Regardless of the complexity of the application, our 5-axis powerhouse with 5-sided machining leaves nothing to be desired. Particularly impressive is the high degree of rigidity and machining speed during simultaneous loading of this HSK 100 machine, which is suitable for dry machining.

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LiFLEX machine concepts at a glance | Sep 12, 2013

All for one and one for all: whether a rotary transfer machine, machining center, light metal machining or heavy machining, requiring productivity and/or flexibility – our LiFLEX modular system offers the perfect solution for any machining task. Immerse yourself in the world of Licon mt machine tools.

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Twin spindle: Machining of large, cubic parts | Aug 17, 2013

The LiFLEX II 1078 2U is optimal for large, cubic parts with a maximum load of up to 1,800 kg on the swing trunnion. This machine concept is suitable for use in a range of fields, including the automotive, energy and aerospace industries.

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Twin spindle: 4-piece clamping principle | Jul 05, 2013

Savings on personnel, required space and acquisition costs make this twin-spindle machine concept an appealing alternative to the single spindle unit. See the LiFLEX II 1078 machining center with 4-piece clamping, 1,000 mm spindle distance and independent axes in action here.

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Licon mt company film | Jun 10, 2013

Take a look behind the scenes to see the people that make this company what it is: successful. Impressive images reveal fascinating details about machine concepts, procedures, processes and workflow structures. Discover the world of Licon mt.

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